About Us

About A-LIST

A-LIST is an online brainstrust of Arab experts on diverse topics designed to serve producers, journalists, editors and conference organizers with a user-friendly professional tool to easily find Arab speakers and sources. Our online database is constantly updated and includes experts in a wide arrange of fields including medicine, gender, high-tech, law, tourism, foreign policy, education and more fields in which it is generally rare to hear Arab voices.

In fact, although one of every five Israeli citizens is Arab, recent studies have shown that only 2-3% of interviewees on television and radio are Arabs, and most of these appear to discuss negative and stereotypical issues, such as terror, crime and/or poverty.

The media is one of the most powerful tools we have to participate in the public debate. By appearing on television, writing op-eds, commenting on issues and speaking on panels, citizens have the ability to express their views thereby shaping the national consciousness and having a voice.  The lack of Arab participants reinforces the invisibility of the Arab citizens from the Israeli public debate, which loses important knowledge, expertise and perspectives. Increasing the visibility and accessibility to the perspectives of Arab professionals in many fields will decrease societal barriers between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel.

We believe that by diversifying the media, we are increasing tolerance and solidarity, countering stereotypes, mistrust and fear perpetuated by the lack of understanding and communication between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel today.

The online database is part of a project for equal representation for women and minority groups in the Israeli media. Many experts will also receive media training workshops tailored to their needs and fields of expertise.

A-LIST is an initiative by ANU, a nonprofit organization that galvanizes civil society to work together for a more egalitarian and inclusive Israel. By connecting the Israeli public with decision-makers through local and national campaigns we advance equality, social justice, economic fairness, pluralism and sustainability. Our aim is to amplify the diverse voices and perspectives from within Israeli society; to increase the capacity of civil society to impact decision-makers and legislators; and to deepen the sense of civic responsibility among Israelis, mobilizing them to become part of the solution.

A-LIST was created in partnership with Sikkuy, a shared organization of Jewish and Arab citizens, working to implement full equality on all levels between the Arab Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel.

For more information about this project please contact makbula@anu.org.il